Ion3 license violation

Christian Walther cptsalek at
Wed Dec 12 10:53:39 PST 2007

Hi there,

On 12/12/2007, Bill Moran <wmoran at> wrote:
> In response to Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov at>:
> > On 2007-12-12, Mark Linimon <linimon at> wrote:
> > > No, the release packages were already built.  You see, part of
> > > the problem of software Quality Assurance is that it takes some
> >
> > Distro Quality Assurance... ROTFLMAO.
> If we're taking a vote, I vote for the following:
> a) We ban Tuomo from our lists.
> b) We remove all his software from the ports and refuse to accept
>    any more by him.
> The guy is obviously just around to start flame wars.

Up to now I was a happy user of ion3. So it makes me sad to see that
ion3 is gone. I can understand why the author is frustated - sometimes
behaviour of certain users doesn't make life easy. On the other hand
these users are just the minority, while the bigger group is able of
doing RTFM - including manuals and mailing archives. So there's even a
third group of people that do all this, and wait for the port to be
updated within a couple of days. Which up to now did work pretty well.
Thanks, Mark!
And by the way: It's not only a "FOSS problem", it doesn't matter how
one distributes code in source or binary form. It's a general problem
that can't be dealt with by changing some license.
That being said I can understand why the port maintainer decided to
remove the port - and I second his decission. Let me put it this way:
ion3 is great.
FreeBSD is great.
The ports system is great.
Building software from scratch sucks.

This is why I'll remove ion3 from all my machines (including some
Solaris boxes at work, but I don't bother with maintaining several
configurations that are supposed to do the same).
There are alternatives, after all.

Thanks Mark for maintaining the port.
And thanks Tuomo for enlightening the world with a new method of
interacting with GUIs. I really apreciate your opinion on GUI design
and window management, and I even agree with some of your opinions
regarding FOSS.


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