Ion3 license violation

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Wed Dec 12 01:25:27 PST 2007

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First of all this is not a criticism of you but of the FreeBSD and
FOSS community

Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
> On 2007-12-12, Gergely CZUCZY <phoemix at> wrote:
>> I don't use Ion3, and I never intend to, but to be honest, this
>> licence of yours really seems to be very unreasonable. It's just
>> silly, nothing more.
> I could make it GPLv3 and nagware at the same time. Sistros would
> still have modify and consequently rename it to distribute something
> worth using.

Taking the project closed source and/or in some other way denying open
access to the code is not your only option to protect your legit
rights as a developer.   There is a middle ground that my company and
several other MicroISV's have developed over the last few years with
one of them doing over a million in sales using the model.    The
basic idea is find an appropriate mix of restrictions on tech free
loaders and the legitimate right of users to not be completely locked
into your internal development model.  Specifically you are allowed to
charge for copies of your work, even modified ones, as long you pass
certain rewards onto to contributors for more info see the following
blogs I wrote on the subject (and they contain links to the rest of
the community):

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