results of ports re-engineering survey

Ade Lovett ade at
Wed Dec 12 01:13:04 PST 2007

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On Dec 11, 2007, at 21:37 , Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> Number of responses: roughly 30

I just wanted to pick up on this particular number.

Your survey went to (at least) freebsd-ports, freebsd-current, freebsd- 
stable, and freebsd-questions.

Judging by the original cc's on this message, it would appear that  
freebsd-chat and freebsd-hackers were also somehow involved, but not  
being subscribed to those lists, I wouldn't know.

Now, would you care to guess at the number of subscribers on those  
lists?  Hint, total number is in the thousands.

Let's, for the sake of argument, call it 3,000.  (It is, of course,  
much higher)

But, given this finger-in-the-air readership number, by your own  
admission, you have hit exactly 1% of a self-selected group (by virtue  
of being subscribed to the lists in question).  Let's not even mention  
the bazillions (technical term) of FreeBSD consumers that don't  
subscribe to any list.

And from this, you extrapolate new concepts which conveniently involve  
others doing the heavy lifting.

I'm done being nice with you.

Get a grip.  Show some code.  Heck, show some *prototypes* of code.   
But don't hide behind "I don't want my views to color things" when it  
is patently obvious to anyone at or above the sentient level of a  
single celled organism that you really have absolutely no idea what  
you're talking about.

The cast-off line at this point would be to point you in the direction  
of <random Linux distro>.  Only, in this case, I wouldn't wish that on  
my penguin-orientated friends.


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