Ion3 license violation

Ade Lovett ade at
Wed Dec 12 00:57:33 PST 2007

On Dec 12, 2007, at 00:47 , Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
> I could make it GPLv3 and nagware at the same time. Sistros would
> still have modify and consequently rename it to distribute something
> worth using.

Let me use simple words here.

ion-3.  is.  gone.  nuked.  squished.  byebye.

Now, I could spend a few sentences rambling on about how your license  
sucks, your code sucks and, quite frankly, your attitude to OSS sucks.

But this is a public mailing list, with children watching.

So I won't.

Y'all have a Happy Christmas now, y'hear?


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