DEPENDS -- is it time to remove it?

Paul Schenkeveld fb-ports at
Tue Dec 11 06:14:32 PST 2007

On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 07:35:16AM -0600, Scot Hetzel wrote:
> On 12/11/07, Paul Schenkeveld <fb-ports at> wrote:
> > So now I have a need for a metaport to depend on another metaport.
> > Without DEPENDS, how do I accomplish that.  Using RUN_DEPENDS with
> > ${NONEXISTENT} seems not appropriate here, the Porters Handbook says
> > that this should only be used to pull in source, not to install another
> > metaport (unless it is already installed) and the effect of using
> > something like RUN_DEPENDS=${NONEXISTENT}:${PORTSDIR}/lang/php5-extensions
> > causes make install to try installing php5-extensions even when this port
> > is already installed.
> >
> > The two metaport I need to depend on are php5-extensions and
> > xorg-drivers and I really don't want to copy the OPTIONS processing of
> > these ports and maintain that in the future.
> >
> For xorg-drivers you simply use:
> RUN_DEPENDS= ${LOCALBASE}/libdata/xorg/drivers:${PORTSDIR}/x11-drivers/xorg-drivers
> to get this to work for php5-extensions, you would need to patch the
> Makefile with:
> PLIST_FILES= libdata/php5/extensions
> PLIST_DIR= libdata/php5
> do-install:
>                 ${MKDIR} ${PREFIX}/libdata/php5
>                 ${TOUCH} ${PREFIX}/libdata/php5/extensions
> Then you could use:
> RUN_DEPENDS= ${LOCALBASE}/libdata/php5/extensions:${PORTSDIR}/lang/php5-extensions


I was afraid it would turn out this way but this would make my port
non-portable to my customers unless I patch all their php5-extensions
Makefiles and make sure they won't get overwritten by a a future cvs

Or try to ask the php5-extensions maintainer to add a dummy file or
dir to this meta-port for other meta-ports to depend on.

Anyway, it's a pity that the old DEPENDS functionality of depending on
a port instead of something installed by the port has gone.


Paul Schenkeveld

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