www/mod_python support in apache22?

Chris Haulmark chris at sigd.net
Mon Dec 10 16:33:51 PST 2007



I am trying to get devel/subversion and www/trac working on my FreeBSD
6.x system.


I ran into problems related to viewing the trac's website.  I am using
lang/mod_python as part of the

requirement along with www/apache22.


After I googled, I found off the FreeBSD mailing list that mod_python is
not supported for apache22

and that it is shown on the mod_python's home page.


I do not see it anywhere.


This post was posted in 2005 and here is the link:




The description is not clear to me on the mod_python's website.  The
description is:

"Apache 2.0.54 or later. Apache versions 2.0.47 to 2.0.53 may work but
have not been tested with

this release. (For Apache 1.3.x, use mod_python version 2.7.x)."


I am asking that if it has changed and that mod_python is supported to
be used with apache22?


Chris Haulmark

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