augmenting a port: request for advice

Andriy Gapon avg at
Fri Dec 7 05:50:38 PST 2007

There is a port, sysutils/udfclient, that I maintain.
I also have some code (written by myself) that acts as a FUSE-glue
(sysutils/fusefs-*) for udfclient, so that a UDF filesystem could be
RW-accessed via the usual filesystem means (on RW media, of course).

The thing is that the author of the udfclient code, Reinoud Zandijk,
doesn't want to include my code into his program (for various good
reasons). But he doesn't mind a bit against my code and there are no
licensing problems. On the other hand, I also do not want to fork his
code and/or distribute it under the hood of my code.

So I have this solution worth of Solomon's wisdom :-)
It is to add an option to the port, say with WITH_FUSE. When the option
is turned on the port would download my sources in addition to the
original sources, then modify the build scripts, patch the original
sources and build an additional program udfclientfs. Updating plist and
dependencies would also be done, of course.

I think this should work, but I would like to get an advice, or even
better, an example of an existing port on how to do something like this.

Another small issue is that I currently don't have a reliable place to
host my sources. I'll try to get it, but as a backup plan, I think there
is some way to get my distfile hosted by FreeBSD itself, but I am not
sure how to request for this.

Andriy Gapon

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