[RFC/P] Port System Re-Engineering

Olivier Certner olivier.freebsduser at free.fr
Wed Dec 5 01:37:24 PST 2007

Le lundi 03 décembre 2007 19:37, Ade Lovett a écrit :
> I'll thank you for not putting words into my mouth.

	Actually, we will thank you for not putting any more words in your own mouth.

> You seem unable to grasp even basic statistical fundamentals of what a
> survey entails, and have repeatedly worked on the basis that somehow
> anyone who even points out the simplest of flaws is part of the "them"
> camp.

	You seem to be the average geek fundamentally unable to head up and look at 
the real world around you. Statistics are simply not the point. Aryeh is 
trying to gather new ideas, possibly different from his own. If they are 
representative, it's a plus. But who cares if he doesn't manage to gather 
enough information? He is not doing a poll on behalf of any company that 
would like "perfectly detailed" results, AFAIK.

> This is not "us vs them".  You've decided to take on, as countless
> others before you have done, an attempt at changing status quo without
> providing even the basics, let alone prototypes, as to how it *might*
> be done.

	They are not talking about "how" but "what" might be done, something you even 
didn't mention in your own mails.

> Quite frankly, this appears to be nothing more than random thoughts,
> with not even an iota of concrete information to back it up.
> Naturally, I can't speak for the FreeBSD community at large, but from
> this keyboards perspective, you're doing nothing other than wasting
> time.
> Prove me wrong.  Consider it a challenge.

	Who are you to deserve that someone would have to cope with stupid challenges 
in order to obtain answers from you? You don't want to give your opinion, do 
you? That's fine. It simply won't be taken into account. But, please, leave 
away from discouraging others or trying to make them waste their time.

	And just a final word about your older statements:

> Just exactly what have you done for FreeBSD to the point where you
> believe you are able to state such a sentence?  I certainly wouldn't
> dream of writing something like this -- you can check ports/ commit
> logs for my background.

	Do you really think your "background" will protect you from criticism? Do you 
really think quantity is related to quality?

	At least, you've left this thread, and that's better for everybody. Please 
consider growing up before posting such null and void answers.

		Olivier Certner

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