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>> ===>  Cleaning for xdm-1.1.6_2
>> What was I supposed to find?
> Did you actually run xdm or just assume because it compiled that it
> was installed the same way in all cases... hint: the visual appearance
> varies signficiantly depending on what method you use.    XDM is no
> not unique in this either just off the top of my head I can name the
> following ports that demostrate different behaviour depending on what
> order the are installed:
> gnome-office
> abiword
> boost
> openoffice-2
> the entire set of jdk's
> perl (what is the difference between the 5.8.8 in the base system and
> the one in ports?!?!?!?)
> these are just the ones I have found after installing 2 mega metaports
> and the java stuff... god knows what is lurking out there

1) Perl hasn't been in base system since FreeBSD 5.x.
2) There is no 'make uninstall' target in ports tree that I recall.
3) Never and never edit anything inside /usr/share/examples/*
4) If xdm behaves different when you install one of ports that xdm's  
configure happened to detect it. You should check in xdm to see what its  
configure has pick up dependency by auto-check then report to the  
maintainer to fix xdm dependency. That kind of bug doesn't make ports tree  
need to be rewrite.


>> Here's a hint that would help a *ton* of users.  Don't try to
>> install a port until your ports tree is up to date.  Completely up
>> to date - as is, run portsnap or cvs or cvsup *first*, *then* try
>> to install your port.
> I use the following "script" (i.e. by hand) installing a new port
> (might be overkill):
> cd /usr/ports/....
> cvsup /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile (I actually use a local
> cvs repo but this is clearer)
> portupgrade -a
> make uninstall distclean install
> If that doesn't guerntee upto date ports nothing will
>>> I have several possible solutions (contact me privately if you
>>> want more detail) but am purposely not stating them publically so
>>> as not to taint the survey any more then it needs to be.
>> This is the part I don't get.  If you have suggestions, post them.
>>  Post the code that implements your suggestions.  *Then* people can
>>  evaluate whether or not your suggestions add value to the ports
>> system.
>> Why the silly games?  As I read them, this seems to be the primary
>> objection of all the people responding who have @freebsd.org in
>> their email address.  They've heard it all before, but they know
>> that actions speak much louder than words.  If you say "the
>> implementation of foo is flawed", and then you post code that, IYO,
>>  improves it, people with experience and knowledge can review it
>> and say, "Hey, nice idea" or "sorry, your code would break ports
>> and here's why".
>> Without the code, all the surveys and gesticulations in this tread
>> accomplish little except to irritate people.
> See my reply to Chuck.
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