All those 'Ports System Re-engrg" posts

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Dec 3 11:32:33 PST 2007

He took his roadshow over to -questions.  Funny thing is, he has set of 
folks that are all just like him, and they are all merrily 
re-engineering ports.  I figure he's going to sic one of his crew to 
come back and try again to talk folks into this.  Seeing as no one here 
who has the ability to do the job also still has enough innocence to get 
snagged into it, well, it's just going to be amusing, after a while. 
Who knows, they *might* actually come up with some useable ideas, but my 
own experience says, no.

Personally, someone else can wake him up, I'm just going to use the 
'delete' key.  It's not worth it, you can talk yourself blue in the 
face, they won't wake up.

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