Announcing pkg_search

Matthias Schmidt schmidtm at
Mon Dec 3 06:23:28 PST 2007


* Amarendra Godbole wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2007 6:28 PM, Matthias Schmidt
> <schmidtm at> wrote:
> > I wrote a small script called pkg_search to help me searching my local
> > ports tree for a port/package without using "make search name=" or
> > something like  Its not a big deal, but it eases my
> > daily pkg_add life a bit :)
> >
> > I created a port and submitted it as ports/118397.
> [...]
> You may want to update the manpage here:
> ***************
> pumipd was written by me and is licensed under a BSD license.
> ***************

This is just the text on the website.  The actual man page is correct.

> Nice little script, does a good job on FreeBSD. I got it working on
> OpenBSD as well, with some tweaks, shall write to you once I get it
> full running on OBSD. Thanks.

Please send me a notification (patch is appreciated :)) if you got it

BTW:  I uploaded a new version to the website fixing a minor bug.



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