duration of the ports freeze

Michel Talon talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr
Sat Dec 1 10:04:03 PST 2007

David Southwell wrote:

> > In those very rare cases where a user just cannot wait 2-3 weeks extra
> > for
> > an upgrade, they can always try to build the software themselves
> > outside
> > the ports system.
> I regard this view as developer centric rather than user centric. As I
> have said elsewhere the ports system is freebsd msp and users are not
> naturally comnfortable with building outside the ports system. If they
> were we would not need the system!!!

I beg to offer a radically different opinion. I don't want to compile
the ports, i want the packages, that i will install with pkg_add -r,
and i want them immediately with the new FreeBSD-7, not 3 months later.
Having them 3 months later would be extremely user unfriendly, to the
point that i would delay using FreeBSD-7 by 3 months, at least.


Michel TALON

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