Making a local branch of the ports tree

Meenoo Shivdasani meenoo at
Fri Apr 27 03:40:44 UTC 2007

> I use /usr/port/local and name all the ports "kci-XXX" for whatever
> port we have.  mostly these are pseudo ports which pull in all the
> dependencies for our various server needs.  (I'll probably post this
> to my website sometime...)

Having had the opportunity to utilize Vick's port methodology, I have
to commend it as being superlative at simplifying things greatly and
making it easier to standardize the installed packages on systems.
Say that you have a system that will be a mail server -- you know that
you want postfix and antivirus.  No problem -- just create a local
port that requires those items and install the local port on that
system and it'll pull in the requires. It's hugely extensible and


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