Port needing security/py-m2crypto built with OpenSSL >=0.9.8

Dirk Meyer dirk.meyer at dinoex.sub.org
Mon Apr 23 20:15:48 UTC 2007

Hallo Alejandro Pulver,

> I am making ports for two bittorrent clients based on the ABC one. Both
> needing py-m2crypto compiled with OpenSSL >=3D 0.9.8.
> In my FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, for example, I have OpenSSL 0.9.7.x and the
> py-m2crypto port now uses the one in the base system, so the ports
> won't work.
> Apparently there are 2 ports which use it: net-im/cjc and
> net-im/py-pyxmpp (by default, not considering optional dependencies).
> What would be the best solution? Make it always use the port?

I liket to suggest you make a slave port of py-m2crypto which use the port.

Apps are in trouble when they are not linked against the same version.
so each App should be linked with openssl he same way as its dependencies.

kind regards Dirk

- Dirk Meyer, Im Grund 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany
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