outdated PEAR ports?

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Sat Apr 21 13:39:04 UTC 2007

Quoting rihad <rihad at mail.ru>:

> Hi, I need to install several packages from PEAR, among which are  
> MDB2, LiveUser. The problem is that the named packages are a bit  
> outdated:
> PEAR port: 1.5.0_1 upstream: 1.5.2
> MDB2 port: 2.3.0 upstream: 2.4.0
> LiveUser port 0.15.1 upstream: 0.16.2

You can leave the ports and upgrade with the pear command.
set the Preferred Package State        preferred_state  [alpha|beta|stable]
the execute
# pear upgrade-all
# pear upgrade MDB2
should solve the problem.

I actually just have the pear port installed.
# ls -d /var/db/pkg/*pear*

and my pear-list is
# pear list
Installed packages, channel pear.php.net:
Package            Version  State
Archive_Tar        1.3.2    stable
Archive_Zip        0.1.1    beta
Auth_SASL          1.0.2    stable
Cache              1.5.5RC4 beta
Console_Getopt     1.2.2    stable
Crypt_CBC          0.4      stable
Crypt_CHAP         1.0.1    stable
DB                 1.7.11   stable
Date               1.4.7    stable
Date_Holidays      0.17.0   alpha
File               1.2.2    stable
File_PDF           0.2.0    beta
HTTP               1.4.0    stable
HTTP_Download      1.1.1    stable
HTTP_Header        1.2.0    stable
HTTP_Request       1.4.0    stable
Log                1.9.10   stable
MDB2               2.4.0    stable
MDB2_Driver_mysql  1.4.0    stable
MDB2_Driver_mysqli 1.4.0    stable
MIME_Type          1.0.0    stable
Mail               1.1.14   stable
Mail_Mime          1.4.0RC1 beta
Net_DIME           0.3      beta
Net_FTP            1.3.2    stable
Net_LDAP           0.7.1    beta
Net_Ping           2.4.1    stable
Net_SMS            0.2.0    beta
Net_SMTP           1.2.10   stable
Net_Sieve          1.1.5    stable
Net_Socket         1.0.7    stable
Net_URL            1.0.14   stable
PEAR               1.5.2    stable
SOAP               0.10.1   beta
Services_Weather   1.4.2    stable
Structures_Graph   1.0.2    stable
System_Command     1.0.6    stable
Text_Wiki          1.2.0RC2 beta
VFS                0.2.0    beta
XML_Parser         1.2.8    stable
XML_RPC            1.5.1    stable
XML_SVG            1.0.2    stable
XML_Serializer     0.18.0   beta
XML_Util           1.1.4    stable

You will notice that even the pear version I'm running is newer than  
the port and have no problems.

Just do it the way that is easier for you.  I didn't want to be  
bothered with portupgrades on so many pear packages.

Good luck,


> etc. etc. I could continue this list easily. Some of the packages  
> (i.e. LiveUser) haven't had a maintainer for quite some time (as  
> denoted by the orphaned ports at freebsd.org maintainer email). Since  
> the ports folks don't seem to be keeping up the pace, can I simply  
> install the PEAR's port (i.e. bootstrap) and then install all the  
> necessary PEAR packages from within the PEAR installer? What  
> undesirable effects could/will this have in practice? I understand  
> one should use the ports subsystem wherever possible, but this is  
> just not the case where this is possible ;-)
> Thank you.
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