Warnings added to INDEX

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Fri Apr 20 04:09:58 UTC 2007

Someone (probably two people) recently committed changes that make
INDEX builds emit warnings:

/usr/local/bin/kpsewhich: not found
"Makefile", line 38: warning: "/usr/local/bin/kpsewhich -format 'dvips config' config.ps" returned non-zero status
"/a/portbuild/amd64/7/ports/deskutils/linux-sunbird/../../www/linux-seamonkey/Makefile.common", line 43: warning: duplicate script for target "post-extract" ignored

The first two look like an assumption that kpsewhich is always present
on every system (false ;) and the latter looks like a bad makefile

Whoever made these mistakes please fix them! :)


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