FreeBSD Port: openacs-5.3.0_1

aernout schmidt aernout at
Wed Apr 18 09:56:05 UTC 2007

Dear Martin,

I have installed the openacs port with "make install", successfully I 
think. However, when I try the "" script it won't work. There 
are some older threads on the port in the OpenACS discussion list - 
mainly by Aldert Nooitgedacht - but these do not really help. Looking at 
the install script, it seems possible to specify quite a set of 
parameters, but there does not seem a simple setup/install howto  
available, helping out those, that do not immediately onderstand the 
ways  in which the port uses directories and the chown/chmod 
combinations required. When I experiment myself, I get stopped by 
"access denied" medssages on /usr/local/openacs/log/error.log. Can you 
give me a hint? Thanks in advance, Aernout Schmidt

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