Mailman virtual-mailman.db

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Tue Apr 17 16:38:19 UTC 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 10:58 AM, Vizion wrote:

>> From: Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey at>

>> On Apr 17, 2007, at 7:29 AM, Vizion wrote:

>>> I get the failure line in maillog

>>> fatal: open database /usr/local/mailman/data/virtual-mailman.db

>> To create these files the first time, run
>>   /usr/local/mailman/bin/genaliases
>> Thanks for getting back so quickly

> For some reason
> /usr/local/mailman/bin/genaliases
> does not create that file..

See if the file


exists.  If it doesn't just created it as an empty file and make sure  
that it is readable by the mailman group.  Then try genaliases again.

If that doesn't work, just remove the reference to data/virtual- 
aliases in your postfix  That will just be a temporary fix,  
because later you may need virual-aliases.

Can you post an ls -l of your mailman/data directory?



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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