linux-flashplugin9 + Opera 9.20 = no go [SOLVED]

Andrew aremo at
Fri Apr 13 12:57:33 UTC 2007

Thanks guys, following your instructions I managed to get it working
by installing:

- Opera 9.20 for FreeBSD (from;
- opera-linuxplugins (from the ports);
- linux-flashplugin7 (from the ports).

No tweaks were needed here.

I'm noticing a glitch on Flash-Videos (e.g. YouTube) where the sound
slowly drifts out of sync. This used to happen on this same laptop
under Kubuntu and ALSA, so I'm sure it's nothing FreeBSD or
OSS-related. However, if anybody knows a fix for this, I'll be happy
to read it.


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