parallel builds revisited

Benjamin Lutz mail at
Thu Apr 12 19:36:21 UTC 2007

On Thursday 12 April 2007 11:06, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> I dunno how you want to approach this, but gmake does recommend 2
> jobs be run in parallel for HTT enabled chips, and 3 or 4 jobs for a
> dual core machines.
> -Garrett

So far the approach is one job per CPU. I'll do some benchmarks lateron 
to determine wether it really helps to run more jobs. For the KDE 
ports, my gut feeling is that the improvement would be negligible. I'll 
have to evaluate non-C++ ports like gnome-*, where the compilation time 
per file is shorter.

Of course, to make proper use of distcc, at least #cores + 1 jobs are 
required. I'll keep that in mind.

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