parallel builds revisited

[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at
Thu Apr 12 19:31:45 UTC 2007

Benjamin Lutz wrote:
> I've looked at your patches and programs, and I'm starting to have a 
> fairly clear idea of solution should look like. I would like to see:
> * Integration into the existing ports framework. No new scripts or files
>   should be required. The whitelist file needs to go.

That's what we all want. Just a couple of lines in

> * Configuring the number of jobs should be automatic (but overridable),
>   based on kern.smp.cpus.

I think the ports should only set something like:
and the users should be able to use something like:
to set the number of threads.

Automatic setting of n would be something like kern.smp.cpus * 2,
but you should at least have 256m per thread, for some ports even 512m.

> Btw, do you think it's possible that a port can only be built with, n 
> parallel make jobs, but will fail with n+1?

No. I do not think this can be the case.

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