Mailman setup

David Southwell david at
Thu Apr 12 17:01:01 UTC 2007

I am trying to setup mailman and am using apache22 with a number of virtual 
servers. All the virtual server roots are located on a seperate physical 
drives with the path to the root 
being /usr2/virtualwebs/my_virtual_server_name/

After  installed from /usr/ports/mail/mailman I find I have the mailman  files 
in /usr/local/mailman. 

I am puzzled about what files are meant to be placed in the path of the server 
root..(presumably my_virtual_server_name/mailman). I have looked at docs but 
if there is info on this I have failed to find it.  Should I have compiled 
with prefix=/usr2/virtualwebs/my_virtual_server_name/ or should this be in 
some config file?


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