linux-flashplugin9 + Opera 9.20 = no go

Jouni Laakso jounijl at
Thu Apr 12 16:52:37 UTC 2007

It works. Great sound and awesome graphics. 

When installed as such in /usr/ports, plugin was not found
but after putting a line in

Where the binaries are, it worked.

And symlinks to 
flashplayer.xpt ->
/usr/local/lib/npapi/linux-flashplugin/flashplayer.xpt ->

I'm not sure which helped but you can test if symlinks
don't work. Maby hardlinks.

Firefoxes size changed to 190 MB after Java-port install.
Opera is just great in freebsd :) And maby standard as they
say and plugins work.

Has anyone information about plugin "standards". NSPlugin?

It must be difficult for the manufacturers if they don't
get the port straight from the project, for example Firefox
project. I don't know if it's a good reference for the
plugins or participate directly to the Firefox development.
To which to build?

And Opera is great even if emulated.

best regs,


Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:38:58 +0000 (UTC)
From: Andrew <aremo at>
Subject: linux-flashplugin9 + Opera 9.20 = no go
To: freebsd-ports at
Message-ID: <eviru2$mou$1 at>

The port builds and installs OK, but Opera 9.20 can't see
the plugin.
Are some undocumented post-install steps needed or does the
simply need an upgrade?


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