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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Apr 12 11:28:15 UTC 2007

Quoting Roman Divacky <rdivacky at FreeBSD.ORG> (from Thu, 12 Apr 2007  
11:58:11 +0200):

>> Acroread will use linux system calls to start the shell. This results
>> in the linux shell (/compat/linux/bin/sh) to start (linuxulator
>> directory prefixing). The linux shell will use the same linuxulator
>> directory prefixing to start /compat/linux/usr/bin/lpr. So we're in
>> the same situation like with Acroread. So when you play around with it
>> also try to not specify a path to the lpr call and tell us which one
>> works.
> this is not entirely true (or I just read it wrong). it works like this
> any binary (fbsd or linux) can run any binary (fbsd or linux). its just that
> when linux binary wants to run "xyz" it searches /compat/linux first and then
> falls back to /
> just a clarification

I think you said the same than I did, just differently (Oliver did  
call lpr with the full (correct?) path in acroread and somehow it  
didn't work for him).


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