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Timothy Bourke timbob at
Mon Apr 9 08:27:55 UTC 2007

On Apr  6 at 08:25 +1000, Christopher Martin wrote:
> I have recently noticed serious issues with collections from the FreeBSD
> source tree maintained on (, and
> have sought to compare it to two of the US servers, cvsup3 and cvsup4, and
> have found that seems to be very wrong, with most of
> the ports tree being deleted when using the Australian mirror. I have also
> tried using but I have noticed that it seems to be
> very out of date (when compared to and frequently
> unavailable (it must only allow a very limited number of clients). All the
> other Australian mirrors are just pointed at these two hosts. I notified
> support at over a month ago but it has not as yet been
> corrected.

FWIW, I had similar problems in February and emailed the same address.
No response for me either. It seemed that CVS ID tags, such as
$FreeBSD$, weren't being expanded.


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