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Christopher Martin outsidefactor at
Thu Apr 5 22:55:09 UTC 2007

I have recently noticed serious issues with collections from the FreeBSD
source tree maintained on (, and
have sought to compare it to two of the US servers, cvsup3 and cvsup4, and
have found that seems to be very wrong, with most of
the ports tree being deleted when using the Australian mirror. I have also
tried using but I have noticed that it seems to be
very out of date (when compared to and frequently
unavailable (it must only allow a very limited number of clients). All the
other Australian mirrors are just pointed at these two hosts. I notified
support at over a month ago but it has not as yet been

Is there someone responsible for monitoring the 'health' of CVSup mirrors?
It would seem that people who have offered to host mirrors aren't always
doing the right thing and maintaining them in a useful state. I'd really
hate to see anyone have issues because they are using scripts to handle
their updating and they weren't made aware of the problem. Perhaps some sort
of automated auditing of the health yearly or quarterly might be in order.
You could even produce trending data to show how far behind the main CVS
tree each server is.

Anyway, I guess for now I will have to keep using one of the US mirrors.

Chris Martin

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