Yet another INDEX builder.

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Michel Talon wrote:
> Hello,
> based on the documentation in 

Why, thank you *so* much for not even mentioning my name and giving me
any credit at all for writing FreeBSD::Portindex, a program that you
mention, but state that cannot even be bothered to try.  That strikes me
as rather sloppy work.  

It seems to me that you have now reached exactly the same conclusions I
was drawing way back in about 2003 or so, and that Kris has understood
a lot longer than that.  It doesn't matter how hard you try: building the
ports INDEX from scratch every time is always going to take ages because
of the ridiculous amounts of disk IO involved.

Now, the next step is fairly obvious.  All you need to do is realise that
90% or so of the work you do to build an INDEX is exactly the same
between successive runs a day apart.  You've recreated about 50% of the perl
code I wrote in python, remarkably closely in some cases.  That's OK -- there
aren't that many solutions to the problems involved, and you're likely to
have rediscovered many of the same ones.  You're welcome to follow in my
footsteps the rest of the way if you wish.  Although I can't see much point
(other than for personal pleasure) in re-implementing exactly the same stuff
in just another language.  Feel free to copy any of my code -- it's all BSD
licensed -- all I ask is a little ack in the comments.  I'd be interested to
hear if you have any new insights.



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