Using photoshop plugins with Gimp?

Amar Takhar verm at
Fri Sep 29 22:03:47 PDT 2006

On 2006-09-29 03:55 +0200, pfgshield-freebsd at wrote:
> --- Tom McLaughlin <tmclaugh at> ha scritto: 
> ...
> > 
> > Why emulation?  Why doesn't an interested person build it from src and
> > do a port for it?  Source is available on the site.
> > 
> That was my initial thought also, unfortunately, to build the source you also
> need the Photoshop SDK, and it's getting difficult to find. More information is
> here:
> If anyone has an older version of Photoshop (less or equal to 6.0), building a
> native pspi would be a nice way of contributing to FreeBSD. 

I tried it out last night (I managed to dig up an old PS6 CD) it actually works 
quite well!.. Pretty much every filter I tried worked without a single hitch.

I'm on current at the moment and I can build binaries for 4,5,7 (no 6 but i'm 
sure I could borrow someone's machine for a few mins to handle this)

When I eventually find time I'll make a port for it that will install the binary 
versions later on  at some point I'll add an option to build from source if 
people have the PS6 SDK.

I'm not sure how feasible distributing a binary version would be (yet), since:

verm at peach# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ldd |wc -l

May cause a lot of issues, it just requires wine+gimp, however I havn't tried to 
see how portible it is between versions of the gimp.


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