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Fri Sep 29 11:54:13 PDT 2006

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:02:34 -0500, Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:

> Howdy,
> It's been a while, but I think I finally have all the bugs ironed out
> of the new features that people have been requesting. There is a new
> version (1.129) available at which has
> the following stuff to test. As always, feedback is appreciated.
> New Features:
> =============
> 1. You can now specify multiple ports to upgrade on the command line,
> such as 'portmaster foo-1.23 bar-4.56 baz-7.98'. [1] Pass -n argument
> to child processes (as needed) to handle this case.
> 2. Handle an alternate port that can satisfy a build requirement by
> reading the CONFLICTS for the "standard" port, and seeing if we have
> one of those installed. [1]
> 3. Unless the user specifies the new -B option, always build a backup
> package when updating an existing port. Unless the user has specified
> the -b option, delete the package on successful installation of the
> new port, or print a helpful message telling the user where they can
> find the package if install fails.
> 4. Don't only test a port for IGNORE, also test FORBIDDEN and BROKEN
> to avoid doing a lot of work on dependencies for a port that we aren't
> going to install.
> Big Improvements:
> =================
> 1. Significantly enhance the -r option by tracking what ports should
> be rebuilt as a result of it, and rebuilding them "in line" if they
> are dependencies of other ports that should also be rebuilt. Thus,
> make sure that these ports get rebuilt once, and only once. Also,
> don't rely on just the installed port's +REQUIRED_BY file to get the
> list of dependencies, since it may be out of date. Search the pkg tree
> for that port's DEPORIGIN to make sure that we get them all.
> 2. Track answers to ports that have +IGNOREME files, so the user is
> not asked twice.
> 3. Rather than use all-depends-list to handle dependencies, use a
> combination of build-depends and run-depends. This seems to get
> everything we actually need, without sucking in a lot of stuff we don't.
> 4. Stop abusing the config_only mode, and make a clear separation
> between first run (if any) and build run that does not depend on it.
> This makes -G mode work as intended, with no bad side effects. [1]
> Small Improvements:
> ===================
> 1. Add PREFIX/sbin to the PATH [1]
> 2. Cache "no" answers when using -i ("yes" was already cached).
> 3. If pkg_version thinks that two versions are the same even though
> they have different pkg names, don't warn the user.
> 4. Clean up package code a little.
> 5. Twiddle the "waiting on" message for fetch & checksum.
> 6. If a user has a stale +REQUIRED_BY file in a pkg directory, print a
> helpful message that suggests how to fix it. [2]
> 7. Don't tell a user about a -r port to rebuild if we're not going to
> rebuild it for whatever reason.
> Bug Fixes:
> ==========
> 1. Clean up trailing white space.
> 2. If the pkg data is corrupt, a search for installed port by ORIGIN
> could return more than one answer. So, use only the first answer.
> 3. In dependency_check(), if a port has moved, check the new location
> to see if it needs updating.
> 4. If there are no valid ports to build based on the command line
> args, don't try to build /usr/ports/ [3]
> [1] Suggested, debugged, and generally helped greatly by mezz

FYI for other users, this version now can upgrade from GNOME 2.14.x to  
GNOME 2.16.x successful if you do the 'portmaster -r pkg-config-0.21'. The  
multiple ports is not possible with -r, but I am hoping that I can add  
this feature sometime in future when I find the good time (possible in Dec  
or so).

> [2] Wondered about by yar
> [3] Reminded by Bill Blue
> My plan at this point is to finish updating the man page for the new
> features, and then commit this new version well before the freeze.

Now I don't need portupgrade anymore with all of these changes and  
improvements. Thanks!


> FYI,
> Doug

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