Yet another INDEX builder.

Michel Talon talon at
Fri Sep 29 10:21:17 PDT 2006


based on the documentation in
i have written yet another index builder in python, which can be found here:
I think it works relatively well and fast, and can provide building blocks for
doing a package updater alternative to portupgrade.  Of course, like the
documentation, it is completely free. I would be happy if some people could
test it on a real biproc machine, or a machine with fast disks, to see the
timings (*) one gets. On my machine, a P4 3Ghz, oldish, it takes 23 minutes to
complete building the INDEX, but the python script doesn't run more than 1
minute. Everything else is IO, i think. So one cannot expect any performance
improvement by writing such a program in C. The program will not overwrite
anything, it will write INDEX locally. A peculiarity is that it will output
INDEX in topological sorted order. When basically loading the result of all
make -V in each port from a pickle file, all the work of recursively extension
of dependencies and topological sorting, including loading the file takes 5
seconds. Comparing that with the response time of portupgrade says something
about its efficiency.
(*) The program outputs timings.


Michel TALON

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