Evolution and Exchange

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Thu Sep 28 10:02:10 PDT 2006

I've been trying to get evolution-exchange to work for a few days now, 
in my latest run at getting a functional and work-compliant desktop in 
place, but I'm getting the same errors I've always received.

When setting up the account, during evolution's initialization phase, I 
authenticate to OWA without issue.  However, when actually trying to 
open the mailbox, Evolution prompts me for the password for the account, 
then again prompts me for a password for the server to which I am 
redirected, and this latter password is never accepted.  So, I'll be 
prompted for the password to 'dgerow at example.com', then again for 
'dgerow at exchange01.example.com' (we have a pool of Exchange servers).

The first password is accepted without issue, but the second one is not. 
  Currently, I've managed to coax Evolution into telling me that 
authentication failed, which I suspect is because I've told it to use 
plaintext login.  When I tell it to use SSL (as our OWA url is 
https://mail.example.com), it just continuously prompts me for the 
password, never telling me authentication failed, and never opening the 

Can anyone give a few pointers?  It's a bit of a vague problem, and 
searching both ports@ archives and Google at large hasn't really turned 
much up that's helpful.

I'm using Evolution 2.6.3, Exchange Connector 2.6.3, and Data Server 
1.6.3 (which strikes me as odd, but that's what the ports give me).  I 
have seen this issue before, a few months back, with older versions of 
Evolution, so I suspect it's either user error, or there's something 
strange about our Exchange configuration that's not letting me do this.

(Please Cc: me in your replies; my traditional method of reading ports@ 
is borked.)

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