milter-regex doesn't seem to be miltering!

Mike Brown mike at
Wed Sep 27 08:29:45 PDT 2006

Chris Martin wrote:
> I am trying to use milter-regex to pre-sort e-mail/spam before passing 
> it on to clamav and spamassassin, but it doesn't seem to be working.
> Here are my first, slightly lame, rules:
> reject "Spam not welcome"
> header /Subject:/ /\b(PHA)+([a-zA-Z]+(RMA))\b/
> reject "Spam not welcome"
> header /Subject:/ /\b(PHA)+([a-zA-Z]+(RMACY))\b/
> discard
> header /Subject:/ /TESTSTRING45819203/

This isn't really the place to ask about it, but there's not really a better
forum, either. Maybe freebsd-questions. Anyway, lots of things could be going

First, the obvious: is milter-regex running?

# ps -auwwx | fgrep milter
mailnull 34677  0.0  1.3 14772  6800  ??  Ss   28Aug06  38:12.65 /usr/local/libexec/milter-regex -c /usr/local/etc/milter-regex.conf

Did you follow the instructions in the port's pkg-install to set it up to 
start at boot time? It involves editing /etc/rc.conf.local (or rc.conf) and 

Did you set up logging? Make sure your /etc/syslog.conf contains lines like 
the following:

*.=debug                                        /var/log/debug.log

daemon.err;daemon.notice        /var/log/maillog

and then 'kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`'. Now you should get copious
logs to look at. If your milter-regex.conf has errors, you should see a
message about it in maillog. In debug.log you should see everything the milter
is processing, up to the point where a rule is matched. I like to tail -f my
debug.log sometimes and see what gets through, and make sure I don't have any
false positives.

You might want to take a look at my milter-regex.conf:

In any case, you definitely have problems with your regexes. milter-regex uses
basic POSIX regular expressions by default, but you're using "+" to mean
1-or-more, so you need to append an "e" to the end to flag it as an 'extended'
POSIX regex. Your "\b" is presumably meant to be a word boundary, but that's a
feature of Perl-compatible regexes, not POSIX, so get rid of those.

Also, I'm not sure about what you're trying to match. (PHA)+ would match one
or more "PHA"s. The parentheses in ([a-zA-Z]+(RMA)) are not doing anything but
wasting memory; [a-zA-Z]+RMA would mean the same thing, matching 1 or more a-z
(case insensitive) followed by "RMA". If you want the "CY" at the end to be
optional, you'd add "(CY)?"  instead of creating a new regex for it.
The colon isn't included in the header that gets tested, so you'll never match
with "Subject:". You want "Subject". But I prefer "^Subject$" because it
ensures that it matches only "Subject" and not something like

Finally, if you have multiple rules, you can put them together under one
"reject" line. Again, see my milter-regex.conf for examples, and take note of
the comments therein... For example, I'm doing a lot of "reject"ing but
ultimately I think I want discard spam, not reject it, in order to avoid
having the sending system generate a bounce that goes to the poor soul whose
email was used as the return address.


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