FreeBSD Port: ipmi-kmod-20060418_1

Nick Barkas snb at
Wed Sep 27 02:02:22 PDT 2006

I've updated the sysutils/ipmi-kmod port to contain the new ipmi code  
committed to -current the other day. Here's the PR containing a patch  
to upgrade the port to pull in the new code: 
cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=103708 (I also attached the patch to this email).

The new version of the port seems to work fine on my test amd64 and  
i386 machines running 6.1. Both of those have Supermicro motherboards  
and IPMI modules. Hopefully it will work with these newer Dell BIOS  
releases, too!


On Sep 19, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Doug Ambrisko wrote:

> Michael Graziano writes:
> | I believe our 2950 is BIOS Rev. A03 as well, I'll reboot it tomorrow
> | if I have a chance and get the Dell version ID.
> |
> | dmesg-wise, my first iomem range is the same as for A02, but my
> | second is not.  I'm leaning toward the explanation that Dell moved
> | something on us and done went and broke the module :-/
> |
> | ipmi0: <System Management BIOS> at iomem 0xfd040-0xfd05e,
> | 0xcffbc000-0xcffbcc3a on isa0
> | ipmi0: SMBIOS Version: 2.04, revision: 2.04
> | ipmi0: KCS mode found at io 0xca8 alignment 0x4 on isa
> | ipmi0: couldn't configure smbios io res
> FYI, this will be fixed in -current soon.  jhb has been doing some  
> work
> in the area to greatly improve some WIP that I gave him.  Dell put
> a hole in the address range via their ACPI so it can't attach the
> range.
> Doug A.

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