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Adi Pircalabu apircalabu at
Mon Sep 25 10:18:04 PDT 2006

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 09:53:31 -0700 Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

> > Is there any generic way of referencing cgi-bin regarding to the
> > apache version installed (is there any include file which provides
> > a variable like ${CGIBINDIR})? Otherwise I would go with
> > www/cgi-bin for now which should be a link to cgi-bin-dist except
> > for apache22. But I wonder if that is the "right" solution.... 
> Is this not the job of apxs(8) that comes with Apache?  apxs -q
> should be able to assist you.

No, apxs is used (as its man clearly states) to build and install
Apache modules. It has nothing to do with cgi and/or data directories
used by Apache.
Oliver, you can take a look in the ports tree for examples of using
CGIBINDIR and other variables. See e.g. mail/sqwebmail and
>From what I know, there is no de-facto standard to install files in
Apache's directories, but I may be wrong.

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