[kde-freebsd] x11/kde3: LANG=C: not found error

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 25 00:17:28 PDT 2006

On Friday, 22. September 2006 19:33, Scot Hetzel wrote:

> Is there something wrong on my system, or is there
> a bug in this configure script.

It looks like portmgr in their infinite wisdom changed the TR definition to 
include the LANG=C a few months ago and by that silently broke the script. 
Fixed now, good catch!

> PS.  There is also another bug in the do-install
> target of the port. If you do a "make install"
> without first doing a "make build" the kde-meta.conf
> file is not installed. This is caused by the ports
> Makefile looking for Makefile.inc before it is created.

This is known. There's even more breakage if you do make install without a 
prior make in x11/kde3. Quite frankly, my make-fu isn't strong enough to deal 
with it and since portupgrade does the right thing by default ... patches 
welcome of course.

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