new portsmon statistics about ports marked IGNORE on various buildenvs

Mark Linimon linimon at
Sun Sep 24 02:05:49 PDT 2006

Although I have not yet added it to the database, I have now created a
(beta-quality) report on portsmon that shows the lists of ports marked
IGNORE, by buildenv.  (portsmon only models IGNORE on i386-6, to save
compute time).  Diffs between reports are also available.  The page is .

This allows anyone interested to, e.g., find out which ports are not
currently built (for whatever reason) on amd64-6 vs. i386-6.  Anyone
interested in helping to fix ports specifically on amd64 should therefore
look at .

Two tables are provided, one for the complete lists, one for the diffs.

Not all the buildenvs are currently represented: only *-6 and i386-* are
built.  This is to save compute time, as well.  (I also personally feel
that just the row and column provide sufficient information, and that the
rest would probably just be confusing.)

I intend to upload these results about once a week or so -- unless I can
figure out some programmatic way of generating the results faster.  I had
hoped to have that part done before the 6.2 release cycle began, but these
things happen.

FWIW, the definition of IGNORE used in this report is the union of (port-set
what a "make -V IGNORE" will show, given buildenv.  portsmon itself only
reports the IGNORE that is "port-set IGNORE".

Note that due to the inclusion of CONFLICTS there will be a few false
positives, because these reports were not built on a clean system.  I had
also hoped to get rid of this problem by now, but I haven't yet.


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