Proper way to detect build-time configuration if all files are under the same name?

LI Xin delphij at
Sat Sep 23 10:47:33 PDT 2006


In ports/102613, the submitter has pointed out a problem that the build
infrastructure can not detect the present OpenLDAP configuration at
build time, and thus causing dependency problem when being rebuilt.
This occurs on some other ports as well.

Is it possible to make the package registration stage to detect actual
port name that has installed the specified dependency file?  Or is there
any way to solve the problem?

Long version:

Say, we have a file, called "${PREFIX}/foo/bar" installed by a port
foo-1.0.  Another port, say, foo-feature-1.0, also installs that file.
In the dependency of third port, say, bar-1.0, we define:

RUN_DEPENDS=	${PREFIX}/foo/bar:${PORTSDIR}/net/foo

then the ports infrastructure would consider net/foo as dependency,
regardless whether foo or foo-feature is acutaly installed.

Of course it is possible to install a file with the name
${PREFIX}/foo/bar-feature but I think that's too dirty a hack...

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