devel/guichan update and dependant ports

Marcus von Appen mva at
Fri Sep 22 00:32:34 PDT 2006


I wonder how I should deal with the devel/guichan port, which got a new
version, 0.5.0, some time ago. As the guichan developers broke API
compatibility to 0.4.0, the games/diameter and games/tmw ports would
have been broken on update at that time.

Now the games/tmw port received a new version, 0.0.21, which relies on
guichan 0.5.0 while games/diameter still needs 0.4.0 (as far as I can
see there is currently no ongoing effort of the diameter developers to
bring it up to guichan 0.5.0).

Shall I simply break games/diameter for the rest of the platforms it
supports to allow devel/guichan and games/tmw to be updated or how
should we deal with that issue?

A repo copy of guichan, e.g. guichan04, does not sound like a good idea
to me as the guichan developers announced that the API might still
change in other releases thus continously breaking any dependant port
and applications. This would mean to have a lot of guichan ports just to
satisfy two port needs (currently).

Personally I would break games/diameter and keep it as broken until a
compatible version of it will be released (or remove it in a year or so
if nothing happens).

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