GNUstep Software in FreeBSD

Gürkan Sengün gurkan at
Thu Sep 21 08:06:06 PDT 2006


I've seen that there is to integrate GNOME
as complete desktop environment.

I would like to create a team of interested people for the same purpose
but with GNUstep (which is a very nicely designed API of base and gui
tools, started in 1988 by NeXT as NeXTSTEP and later improved and sold
as OPENSTEP product). There exist many software projects using GNUstep
to be portable onto UNIX systems (and also work on Windows and Mac OS X
(the incarnation of OPENSTEP)).

There's already about 30-40 ports of GNUstep ports, and the number
will increase at least by 20-30 more.

A meta package needs be created too. Is there a chance the FreeBSD
project can provide an official subpage for this, namely ?

My longer term plan, clearly is also to provide a
based on Freesbie.

Personally a new directory for the ports would make sense, since
GNUstep can by design use different backends than X11 too. And it already
does so: Windows and Mac OS X (completely without X11):


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