FreeBSD Port: lazarus-0.9.16_2

Aleš Katona almindor at
Thu Sep 21 03:18:08 PDT 2006

Hello it's me again :)

First, let me thank you for fixing the fpc-packages dependencies.

I now tried the lazarus port and found a problem.

Lazarus was originaly ment only as local non-install on users writable
space (eg in home, just get source, compile and use, don't install).
Ofcourse later when getting closer to 1.0 release, they had to address
install problems on various platforms. They fixed it by "startlazarus"
which is an additional binary in lazarus. It makes sure that when you
for example install new components (which require a recompilation of
lazarus lcl btw, that means write support) they are put into
"$HOME/.lazarus" subdirectory with also the new compiled libraries of
lazarus which should be used.

Currently the lazarus port doesn't use "startlazarus" but the normal
"lazarus" executable. This should get fixed.

I tried using startlazarus myself and altho it has changed a crash to
restart when installing a component to lazarus it still doesn't work
properly. It might be something else tho, I will investigate further.

So in short: please change default binary to be "startlazarus" (link it
as "lazarus" perhaps, since most users are used to that anyhow)



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