[kde-freebsd] Re: QT related issue (ports/102829)

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Tue Sep 19 12:21:28 PDT 2006

Vasil Dimov schrieb:
> On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 08:57:15PM +1000, Sam Lawrance wrote:
>> Vasil Dimov wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Can someone familiar with the QT tools uic and moc take a look at
>>> ports/102829 - the port in question is using scons and the directory
>>> /usr/X11R6/etc/settings/ is being created during build but probably
>>> the problem is not in the port or the software itself but rather in
>>> qt or scons. It looks very mysterious to me.
>>> Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
>> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=ports/92532
> Even if I do ``make PACKAGE_BUILDING=y'' the directory
> /usr/X11R6/etc/settings gets created (during build).
> What is the idea of this code:
> .if defined(PACKAGE_BUILDING)
> TMPDIR?=    /tmp
> .endif
> in bsd.kde.mk? (the port has USE_QT_VER=3)

You will need to make sure that the TMPDIR environment variable is set
during build (so uic will see it). Scons by default does *not* preserve
and propagate the shell environment it's being called from, so you will
have to modify the main sconscript file to at least import TMPDIR from
the external environment ( see
http://www.scons.org/doc/HTML/scons-user/c1171.html ).

Once you do that, uic will create the temporary configurations files /
directories in TMPDIR (if PACKAGE_BUILDING is set), which is ok'd by
kris and won't flag errors on pointyhat.


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