How to Contact MPICH Team?

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Tue Sep 19 10:51:21 PDT 2006

Le Mar 19 sep 06 à 16:47:50 +0200, Intron is my alias on the Internet <mag at>
 écrivait :
> Hi,


>      I'd like to submit my patches for MPICH 2 to the developper team.
> But I haven't got any reply from them after I sent mail to
> mpich2-maint at .
>      Can you tell me how to contact them indeed?

This is the right address - perhaps your mail has been catched by a
anti-spam. Besides this address, there is a mailing list:

It is called <mpich-discuss at>.  Only members of the
list can post, but anyone can join.  To join this discussion list, send
a mail to <majordomo at> containing the line:

    subscribe mpich-discuss

If you have problem with this list, you can send me your patches, and
I'll forward them for you.

Th. Thomas.
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