Basic Diff question

MC rossiya at
Mon Sep 18 15:26:08 PDT 2006


I am getting going on my second port.  However in this new one are many
little patches
to most of the source code.  I always see '.orig' suffixes appended to in
Freebsd diff files, like

--- Src/DasherCore/FileLogger.cpp.orig Tue Jan 17 01:41:44 2006
+++ Src/DasherCore/FileLogger.cpp Tue Jan 17 01:51:33 2006

but for the life of me I don't know a way to produce these '.orig' suffixes
in the patch file other than
hand editing.  Using diff I never get an '.orig' suffix but something like:

diff -r -u --ignore-all-space work/FFFF323-src/FFFF3.cpp
--- work/FFFF323-src/FFFF3.cpp Thu Mar 9 02:37:18 2006
+++ FFFF323-src/FFFF3.cpp Fri Sep 8 04:02:57 2006

What is the trick to this?

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