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B Briggs rcbdyndns at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 14 11:04:09 PDT 2006

vittorio wrote:
> Right, I could have missed that depency but.... if I compile and install =20
> incollector
>  "./configure;make;make check;make install"=20
> here what happens
> <snip>
> bash-2.05b$ incollector
> Unhandled Exception:=20
> System.ArgumentException: Cannot get resource file 'gui.glade'
> Parameter name: resource_name
> in <0x0018c> Glade.XML:.ctor (System.
> Reflection.Assembly assembly, System.String resource_name, System.
> String root, System.String domain)
> in <0x0002d> Glade.XML:FromAssembly=20
> (System.String resource_name, System.String root, System.String domain)
> in <0x0001b> Incollector.GUI.FirstStartDialog:.ctor ()
> in <0x00208>=20
> Incollector.MainClass:Main (System.String[] args)
> </snip>
> Any idea?
> Ciao by this would-be-port-builder from Rome
> Vittorio
> Alle 16:39, gioved=EC 14 settembre 2006, B Briggs ha scritto:
>> Vittorio wrote:
>>> The program "incollector" isn't in the ports but I'm trying to build a
>>> port (I'm a newbye port-builder!) from the original *nix sources.
>>> With
>>> your answer do you mean that gtk-glade is a linux library only OR did I
>>> misled you speaking of "linux documentation"? In other words that gtk-
>>> glade stuff is only available for linux?
>>> Ciao by a newbye
>>> Vittorio
>> Yes, I guess I misunderstood. Are you sure you're not talking about
>> gtk-sharp-2? (/usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk-sharp20)
>> The page I'm looking on says it also requires mono.
>> http://www.incollector.devnull.pl/downloads.php
> _______________________________________________

Looks to me like you have all of your dependencies, this is a runtime 
error, or possibly gui.glade not being installed.

A quick google revealed this:

I don't know enough about C#, mono, glade, or gtk# to help you, and I 
don't want to install all of the dependencies, but here's what I found.

Look in src/GUI/MainWindow.cs (search gui.glade).

If gui.glade is not being installed, it can be found in 
resources/gui.glade. Maybe it is installed, but under a different name.

Personally, I would try a mono group for further help if nobody else 
here knows the solution.

B Briggs

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