Samba and FAM

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Wed Sep 13 22:47:31 PDT 2006

On 9/13/06, Timur I. Bakeyev <timur at> wrote:
> Hi guys!
> Can you please explain me, what is all that fight about?
No fight, just trying to help Thomas out by finding a way to disable
fam support.

On 9/13/06, Timur I. Bakeyev <timur at> wrote:
> Hi Tom!
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 11:42:06AM -0500, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> > Scot Hetzel wrote:
> > >Had a look at the samba configure script, and it doesn't have an
> > >option to disable fam/gamin support.
> > >
> > >So your only option is to uninstall all ports that require fam/gamin.
> > >Install samba w/FAM_SUPPORT off, then reinstall the ports that were
> > >removed.
> > >
> > The catch 22 is that Courier-Imap attempts to use FAM even when it is not
> > configured to do so.  So, I have to have FAM installed.  I could get it all
> > working by deinstalling and reinstalling in the right order ... until
> > portmanager comes along and upgrades samba sometime in the future.
> I don't see what portmanager have to do here. Also I don't see how Samba
> port could be upgraded regarding this problem. The only solution I see
> is to alter Samba configure script so it'll be possible to disable
> linkage against FAM library.
The problem is that if you install samba x.y.z without fam support,
then use portmanager to upgrade to samba x.y.z+1, the port built by
portmanager would have fam support built in.  The only way around it
would be to uninstall all FAM dependant ports, before upgrading samba.

Don't dwell on this problem too much, a note to indicate that fam
support had been forced is enough.  Re-write the warning as you see
fit, or you could use:

FAM_SUPPORT forced due to braindead linux configure script :)


No electrons were mamed while sending this message. Only slightly bruised.

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