Samba and FAM

Timur I. Bakeyev timur at
Wed Sep 13 14:31:37 PDT 2006

Hi guys!

Can you please explain me, what is all that fight about?

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 11:38:19AM -0500, Scot Hetzel wrote:
> On 9/13/06, Scot Hetzel <swhetzel at> wrote:
> >
> Had a look at the samba configure script, and it doesn't have an
> option to disable fam/gamin support.

If you take a look into configure script itself, you'll find out, that
it not only misses ability to disable FAM support, but also "smart"
enough to make a dependency on it as soon as it'll find any installed
variant of FAM library.

Unfortunatelly, this is a very common behaviour for software developed
with Linux in mind. Samba4 from this side is a nightmare of the porter
and system administrator, as it links against all the found in the
system libraries unconditionaly, without ability to disable such

> So your only option is to uninstall all ports that require fam/gamin.
> Install samba w/FAM_SUPPORT off, then reinstall the ports that were
> removed.

Should work.

> Then in pre-everything, a test for FORCE_FAM_SUPPORT:
> .if defined(FORCE_FAM_SUPPORT)
> pre-everything::
>       @${ECHO} "Samba will be compiled with File Monitor Support
>      @${ECHO}
>       @${ECHO} "If this is not what you want, then you need to
> uninstall all ports depending on ${WANT_FAM_SYSTEM}.  Install Samba,
> and then reinstall all the ${WANT_FAM_SYSTEM} depending ports."
> .endif

I don't really see reasons for such an additional message. Ok, as port
may implicitly switch FAM dependency on, some sort of the message could
be helpful.

But again, I want to stress out, that Samba itself doesn't need FAM
support and this dependency is added only to reflect the fact that it'll
be linked unconditionally against FAM library if it presents in the
system and will prevent you from breaking Samba if you try to remove
such a library later.

The real solution to the problem would be to push normal knob for
configure that will let switch on/off FAM support, but I see a huge
backlog with my other patches in Samba bugzilla, so don't know, how
quick such a thing would happen. But you can give it a try :)

With regards,

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