B Briggs rcbdyndns at
Wed Sep 13 13:23:17 PDT 2006

vittorio wrote:
>  in the 
> linux documentation of a program I'm trying to compile I read that it requires 
> as dependency "gtk-glade".
> Therefore, being unable to find anything similar under 
> freebsd, I installed libglade2 and glade2 but it seems to no avail.
> Any suggestion?
> What port(-s) should I install for that dependency?
> Ciao
> Vittorio 

Which program?

Are you trying to install from ports? Your dependencies should be there 
already. If it's something not in ports, maybe you're thinking:

linux-libglade-0.17_1 and
linux-gtk-1.2.10_4 or

B Briggs

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