need java

Sat Sep 9 12:18:16 PDT 2006

On Sat, 9 Sep 2006, [LoN]Kamikaze wrote:

> It appears it's time for the step by step foolproof guide:
> 1. Visist
> 	with your web browser of choice.

yeah.  i thought i made it clear i did that before i ever
decided to ask anybody..

> 2. Download the diablo-caffe Tarball that fits your system.

umm.. i HOPE i did this part right.

> 3. Open a terminal.
> 4. Become root.
> 5. cd to wherever you downloaded the Tarball.
> 6. # mv diablo-caffe-freebsd{VER}-{ARCH}-1.5.0_07-b00.tar.bz2 /usr/ports/distfiles/
> 	Replace {VER} with your major FreeBSD version and {ARCH} with your
> 	system architecture. Most likely i386.


> 7. # cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk15/

okay.  i don't have any ports wait.  arg.

kayve# ls /usr
X11R6   compat  include libdata local   ports   share
bin     games   lib     libexec obj     sbin    src
kayve# ls /usr/ports
kayve# cd /usr/ports/java
kayve# ls
kayve# cd jdk14
kayve# make install
make: don't know how to make install. Stop
kayve# ls

> 8. # make install

> This should get you there.

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