portmaster deletes failed ports

Duane Whitty duane at dwlabs.ca
Fri Sep 8 23:54:23 UTC 2006

B Briggs wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>> B Briggs wrote:
>>> The problem is that if unattended, you will not know if the port was
>>> deleted especially if you have a lot of output. 
>> I should have added in my previous reply that your statement above is not
>> accurate. If the install fails, that invocation of portmaster will fail,
>> which will cause all/any parent portmaster processes above it to fail as
>> well. Thus, in the event that a port fails to install, the user will be
>> notified of it immediately, and no further actions will be taken.
>> hth,
>> Doug
> Thanks for the correction.
> I might note that average Joe won't know what to do with that 
> notification, and even if a backup was specified, might not know what to 
> do with the backup.
> I'm willing to attempt a patch for this, but if I have any questions 
> about 'best practices', can I contact you?
> For instance, where is the best place to put a temporary backup package?
> /var/tmp, /tmp, /usr/ports/packages/All?

IMHO, this should be configurable.  Just my $0.02



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