Yet another new portmaster version available for testing

Doug Barton dougb at
Fri Sep 8 12:42:51 PDT 2006

I've listened to the requests for portmaster to handle failed installs more
gracefully, so I have put a new version at
which has the following:

New features
1. Make a backup package by default, unless the user specifies the new -B
option to disable that functionality. Delete the backup package unless the
user specified -b. If the install actually fails, print a helpful message
about where to find the package.
2. Cache answers to the +IGNOREME file question
3. Handle fulfillment of a dependency with a different version of the port
by checking whether something that CONFLICTS with the dependency is already
installed (e.g., bison and bison-devel).
4. Use build-depends-list and run-depends-list to track dependencies, rather
than all-depends-list, which tends to recurse too far.

Bug fixes
1. If a port has moved, treat the new location as the port to check for
upgrades in dependency_check()
2. Add /usr/local/sbin to PATH
3. Don't only check IGNORE status to determine whether to halt processing,
also check FORBIDDEN and BROKEN.
4. When updating dependent ports using -r, don't error out if an entry in
/var/db/pkg has disappeared, it probably got updated as a dependency for
something else.
5. Check FORCE_DONE_LIST for dependent ports in -r before trying to build
them again.




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